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My Birthday

For my birthday my family and the heath family went to the beach. We were going to go to Adventure park but it was to hot. we went to two beaches they were called Sorrento and dromana beach.

At sorrento some of us would wait for the big waves some of them were 1.5M high from the water, you would get dunked a lot and stay under the water for a while. Me and Nathan got thrown in the air by the waves , thats were we got to have our breath. Sometimes we would land on our feet and sometimes we would get dunked. There was a rock pool as well, you would be able to jump into it.

At dromana beach we had a swim, me and nathan were skimming the ball and throwing and catching it to. Everyone but me jumped of the pier, I didn’t jump off because of my rashes.  For dinner we had fish and chips.

Have you been to any of those beaches before?

The Whittlesea Show

On Sunday the 6 of november. I had a choice of two rides but I got three any way one was called luney tunes and the other one was called mini jeeps, at the mini jeeps they told us not to bump into each other. Someone bumped me so I bumped him back so he hit a wheel. I bought with my own money a bag of fairy floss and a MONSTER show bag. I can’t believe that two kids got pulled 15 meters by a car.

Did you go to the whittlesea show this year? 

My Mum’s and My Step Dad’s Wedding

On Saturday 10 of September my mum had her second wedding and so did my step dad. The flower girls were my sister and step sister, the best man was one of my step dad’s brothers, me and my nono walked my mum down the aisle!!




Have you ever been a part of a wedding?

Do you have any suggestions for my blog?